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What is Reheated Coffee?

It’s not brewed coffee that has been reheated in the microwave.

When I first began this blog on a few years ago it was to write my personal reflection on the things that surprised, angered me or just plain excited me during the past 24 hours. It was titled Yesterday’s Coffee – Reflections on Yesterday.

When I started it around three years ago the domain name had been registered to another. In June that Domain Name was scheduled to expire.

I have been working on and really didn’t have time to devote Yesterday’s Coffee, but a couple of my friends H. August Knight and Toni Jo volunteered to help. So we decided to relaunch once the name became free.

However, it appears as if a Domain Squatter beat us to the punch and has registered the name for whatever purposes.

Since we had developed plans to launch this around the first of November, we scrambled to find another name.

While talking this over coffee that had been brewed earlier in the day and reheated in the microwave, Toni just happened to comment, ‘This isn’t bad for reheated coffee’. As soon as she said that we all new that the new name for our endeavor was found.

I will consider to write for 6 Things To Consider, and some of those older articles will be finding their way on our new Hope you won’t mind the repeats. Along with my interests in trivia, I also enjoys history and many of my posts on Reheated Coffee will deal with historical facts.

H. August Knight has been thinking about putting together a site called From A Fan’s View. It was to be a site where he could post his Entertainment Reviews, as from he says From a Fan’s View. For a number of reasons it never got off the ground. But with a little help from his friends he is going to be at Reheated Coffee – Reflections on Yesterday.

Toni Jo has many strange thoughts and interests. It’s hard to say what may come from her. Just beware, some of her posting may not be appropriate for those under the age of 16. She also is a shy lady so little more is going to be said about her, including her age and real name. She does, as do the rest of us, reside on the Delmarva Peninsula.

We hope to see you at Reheated Coffee after the first of November and beyond.

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A new direction for Yesterday’s Coffee.

It’s been 8 years since the dreadful attack of terror on America. President Bush was at the same point in his first term as our current President. 9-11, if not defining the Bush Presidency, surely it was a big factor in it.

Most people over the age of 13 will remember what they were doing when they heard about the World Trade Center being hit by an airplane. I was sitting in my office at the college I was working and a co-worker said that the World Trade Center was hit. We both thought that it was probably just a small plane.

I went off to work in the basement equipment room of the College’s Gym when I got a phone call. This was right around the time of the second hit. The call was not about the attack, but a call from a telecommunications company giving me a report on a problem. There was no mention of anything out of the ordinary.

A few minutes later as I was returning to my office I walked past the College’s Switchboard, call center, operation. That’s where I heard the news and our telephone were ringing off the hook. Since I was responsible for the answering clerks, I helped. I did not move from that seat, other than short bathroom breaks, until 5 o’clock that evening. Answering the phones and directing calls. All of this without a TV or anything other than internet news report. The phone system worked fine, students were able to call out and parents got to their child. Those who depended on cell phones were not as lucky.

It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the nightly news and watched over and over the incidents that had occurred that morning.

The next few days were strange, especially that first night. Being in a rural area there isn’t a lot of air traffic going, but the night skies were eerily quiet. For a while it wasn’t business as usual, and in many ways it still isn’t. Eight years ago the United States and the World changed.

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Maryland has budget woes. Governor Martin O’Malley has proposed a number of budget cuts to balance the budget. One of the decisions that was made at this week’s Public Works Board was to close the Upper Shore Community Mental Health Center in Chestertown Maryland.

This 40 bed facility is constantly full and will have around 200 patients filtering through it each year. All of these patients are uninjured, but are in need for services near their homes.

The nearest public facility is on the Eastern Shore is 50 miles away in Cambridge or on the Western Shore.

With the closure of this facility Kent County will take a big hit in lost jobs. Of the 205 state jobs to be terminated 92 of these come as a result of the closure of this facility. An additional 26 contract jobs will also cease to exist.

The employees of the center, the community and the elected officials never had a chance to make their feelings known.

While there were rumors that something may be coming, no one knew that it was part of the plan until the afternoon before the Public Works meeting. Less than 24 hours. Even in this age of instant communications a time period that is considered short.

Employees have been told that their jobs are gone with no severance package, no early retirement, no extended health insurance they not be able to bump other state employees out of jobs.

The employees as well as the community have not layed down without a fight. We are doing what we can to have the decision reversed. THE GOVERNOR, STATE TREASURER & COMPTROLLER (The PUBLIC WORKS BOARD) need to be flooded with emails & phone calls from the community we serve telling them to stop the closure of UPPER SHORE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER.

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Steven G. Atkinson and

It’s bad enough that people will forward emails to you with information that either is totally false, an hoax or is misleading. What is worst is when they come from someone who really should know better.

Yesterday I was told by an associate that Cell Phone Numbers are in the process of being release to telemarketers and that you should register your number on the Do Not Call List.

I have seen this exact email come around every 6 months or so for a number of years. The person who show it to me is in a profession that it should have been natural to check the facts before forwarding.

The facts are at my technology blog

Rarely has an email been forwarded to me delivering some type of warning message, has that message been totally true. Unlike this email about cell phone and the Do Not Call list which has many true points, most of the times it’s totally untrue or an hoax and at worst a scam.

And it really only takes a second to check for the validity of an email. Do a google search or go to

Even if it comes from someone who you trust, I suspect that’s what happened yesterday with my associate, it’s better to just have it sit in the in box doing nothing, than to send it off to friends.